Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Creative Space

In My Creative Space this week

I'm getting a few things done for a party on the weekend.

As we are now parents to a 10 year old!
She's having a few friends over to do some cooking - fun!

Party boxes filled with pizza lollies, fortune cookies, macaron yo-yo's etc.
(those are teaspoons sticking out of there)

I sold out of girl Koala's earlier in the week. (well - 3!) So have been making some more to put in the Made It store. That long faux fur gets everywhere when you cut it!

This one is Tabitha - she's made from felted wool rug and a vintage house coat.

One of the other girl's was given to our new 10 year old, along with a book I might need to borrow at some point and this gorgeous gorgeous bunny from Beck!

Our little one isn't well this week.
 V high temps - trying to get her well for this weekend!

Lots of other creative spaces over here today!x


Kylie said...

What a wonderful party you're going to have! All these cakes and treats look fabulous, Jennie. You are obviously as amazing in the kitchen as you are at the sewing machine :) Loving the koala girls and not surprised at all that they've sold out. I had to make bear costumes for littlies at my daughter's dance school once and I used that fake fur for head gear and body suits - I was cleaning for weeks afterwards! Don't forget to clean your machine too - under the bobbin was totally packed with fur bits ;) Happy creative space and good luck with the party. Hope Miss 10 has a great day :) Kx

p.s. hope your little one is feeling better soon too. x

teddybearswednesday said...

all the party preparations and cooking so far are looking fabulous.
Like Kylie I'm not surprised the Koalas have sold out, they are filled with so much character and personality xo

Megan said...

your koala's are so cute!! have a great party, hope you're little one gets better soon

lamina @ do a bit said...

Wow you have been busy... Loving the decorations! And I love the fabric used in your softies... they are so cute!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Wow, Happy Birthday to your big Miss 10!
Her party looks like it will be SO MUCH fun!
And a huge YAY to sales this week!!

Kate said...

Happy birthday to your girl of the double figures. What a wonderful party you've got planned. So perfect for a ten year old. Perfect for me too come to think of it. I bet they have the best time.
Congrats too on the koalas. They are pretty gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Good work on the party preps.
I am not surprised that the koalas sold out - they are super cute!

Anonymous said...

i just love your koalas! i might have to get two! (i met you at the devonport craft fair once..and never got around to getting one of your dolls!)x

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