Sunday 7 January 2024

Custom stitched artwork of a childs drawing


This is a custom sewn artwork of a painting by a clients daughter.

Such a great idea for a Christmas present!

Frida decorations


Frida Kahlo Christmas decorations,

sewn free hand on a basic sewing machine.

Fabulous fungi

 Hand made fungi sculptures from the end of 2023!

All new makes will be in the new shop ::

Custom cassettes


A few of the custom order cassette tapes from the end of 2023!
If you are after a custom cassette, just message me at 
jennie . alittlevintage @ gmail . com

Monday 9 October 2023

Fully sewn artworks


These sewn artworks have  taken alot longer to sew than the normal ones.

They are completely sewn all the way to the frame they sit in!

{shop here}

Fungi sculptures

 These are some of the fungi sculptures I've been making over the last few months!

Some are available in the shop, others are for weekend markets.

But if theres anything you are keen on and its not in the shop - just let me know!

(shop here)

Communicating fungi

 A bit behind with the blog posts again!

Here is a handmade pressie for the eldests birthday back in June.

Free motion sewn fungi, all connected underground - communicating with each other!

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