Custom Made Dolls

Dolls can be made from your childrens baby clothes
 or a grandparents sentimental fabric. 
There might be certain parts of your childs clothes
that you want featuring on the front or back of the doll. 
Or you might just want a certain colour/theme for the doll that your child would love.

The arms and legs are double stitched to the dolls body  for durability.
 And they are stuffed with Anti Bacterial, Non Allergenic stuffing
 made from recycled plastic bottles (more info here).
The faces are handpainted, then heat set.
They are safe for younger children, unless they have earrings.
In which case, you can take the (button) earrings off
and save them for when the child is older.
By choosing the hair and eye colour, skin tone and hair style etc,
you are getting an original one-of-a-kind toy for your child.
Dolls can also be made for your friends, for a variety of occasions.
 They are something a bit different that not many people would think of as a gift:

Birth of a child
Corporate Gift
Just because

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