Sunday 26 June 2011

Another party over.

Cupcake wrappers and blue hearts
from the lovely Cathie - thank you sooo much!

So they made their own food at this party!
Fruit kebabs, cupcakes, choc dipped fruit.

Mini hamburgers and pizzas.
Some wildly coloured lemonades!

Miss 10 had a fabulous day.
I was nervous about this one, as you just don't know
 if 9/10 year old girls are going to enjoy or be bored!!

She got a wonderful gift from one of her friends,
a bag full of wool!

The easiest cake ever:
tomato sauce - red butter icing
cheese - grated white chocolate
salami - Home Brand fruit bars
red and green pepper - chewy snakes
meat balls - apple and berry fruballs
black olives - licorice

Happy Birthday old lady!!xxxx


Deb Robertson Writes said...

That cake is the kind of picture that makes me wish (for a milisecond) that I was on pinterest to save the picture. It's super super cute.

CurlyPops said...

That is such a cool party... wonder if I could do that for my 38th?

Kate said...

It looks like the best fun ever!
That cake is a master piece.
Happy birthday to your big girl and I hope you are feeling better and that there aren't too many dishes to be done.

Widge said...

awesome idea for a cake!

PaisleyJade said...

That cake is amazing!! Well done - already spotted it on Pinterest only a moment ago! Love the party ideas - sounds like a lovely time was had.

gretbert said...

Love it, looks like a great party, and the cake is amazing, lucky girls. :)

rockmelon said...

love the mini hamburgers! Am so going to do that for my kids!

Catherine said...

what a fabulous party (and I love the cake too - for my 13th birthday, I made myself a cake that looked like fried eggs and bacon (I don't know why!)).
PS: Katie arrived (and is safely tucked away awaiting a birthday in 3 weeks) - thank you!

rockmelon said...

love those mini hamburgers, will be trying that! Great post!

Cathie said...

what an awesome party!! happy first birthday in OZ!
looks like so much fun and that cake, definitely a work of art.

happy birthday to you too mamma of a 10 year old ♥

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