Thursday, 28 November 2013


Here are a few new faces.
I am finding that I can't just sit down and do this when I'd like to..
it really is a thing of being in the zone and sewing them when the time is right.
Which is hard sometimes - especially when i've got two markets coming up 
before Christmas! Aargh! 

These are my flower girls.
Made when I'm supposed to be working on other things - of course!
But sometimes you've got to go with the flow and make what you feel like making.

My sewing room has been moved to a little corner of the house how,
 in preparation for the in-laws coming over from England.
They will have the sewing room for the next two months!
So much to do, so little time
but it will get done, it always does.xx

Joining in with Made By Hand.


akwiinas said...

Such a wonderful faces! Looks really wonderful! these faces would be a great brooches for small and big girls (such an interesting gift idea, I think!) :)

Katie said...

They are awesome. I love the one with glasses especially!

elflyn said...

I love your flower girls!
It is definitely the right time of year to be going with the flow.
Have a beautiful week.

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