Thursday 9 August 2012

My Creative Space

I'm back with the spray painting again!

This shelving unit (I can't remember if we got it in NZ or UK), was a dark brown wood before. 
I did a few coats on the outside and just one coat on the backing board. 
I like how you can still see the knots and grain through the paint.
Being a lighter colour, it has really opened up the space in our living area now.

I also repainted some of our old dining room chairs.
(I originally painted them white about 12 years ago
when I was pregnant with the eldest).
I've used an outdoor paint so that some of 
these chairs can go with the garden table.

And these are two of the second hand chairs we got a few months ago - with new coats on!
I love this blue, it went on really well. The yellow looks good too, but it was a nightmare
to spray on compared to the other colours I've been using. It dripped really easily,
so there are patches I need to sand over and do again.
(see the other chairs I've already done here)

Here's a bit more yellow for you -
some pineapple jellys setting for the little one (and her big sis) 
who is not well at the mo.

Kirsty asked us last week in My Creative Space  what our best tips were for staying creative.

I think that mixing things up a bit and stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing.
Have a go at something a little different, even if it is still within your genre.
Push past the frustration barrier and keep going.

Also - always have something at hand,  to jot down new ideas 
or inspirations where ever you are. Either a notebook or sometimes
 I use Evernote on my phone, which is great for lots of lists.
(including the shopping list)

Thanks to Leonie for my gorgeous new notebook -
I love the tape measure page finder!!xx


Paravent said...

WoW! You've been doing great things with your spray painting Jennie! They all look so fresh and vibrant. Great advice about staying creative too... I can't think of any! Kx

Paravent said...

p.s. how's your big girl now? Has her temp stabilised?

mel @ loved handmade said...

Your chairs are gorgeous!! They'll look so lovely around your table. I'm dying to replace our dining table & chairs but hubby is rather attached to the one we have. Love the shelves too, what would we do without paint, it's really a girls best friend!

Cathie said...

i love all the colours you have got going and that bookshelf is amazing.
I agree with the taking notes, I get so forgetful if I don't write it down straight away it can disappear for weeks. said...

I plan to spray paint some bookshelves very much like this! and I love the chairs!!

planettreasures said...

Love those chairs!
And I sgree with you about keeping notes - I have a terrible memory and can never remember my ideas.

Bron said...

Great colour choice in your furniture...x

Christina Lowry said...

Love the bold and beautiful chairs! And couldn't agree more either. Notebooks are a must. Especially when you are laying in bed and night and you think of something that you will have forgotten by morning if you don't commit it to paper! :)

twentysixtimestwo said...

Your've been busy, Jennie, love the chairs (the two second hand) are just like mine.. Mine are all complete now, just waiting for my cushions from Kevens, then will take some photo's for you to see... Gorgeous work!!!

Cindy said...

Great! I have the same ones in the 4th image, in a gorgeous sky blue. Picked it up at the Salvos - there were two but I only bought one. Should have grabbed both. Love the yellow!

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