Wednesday 10 August 2011

My Creative Space - custom made

A headpiece
 and a bit heavy on the eye make up.
(who me?!)

A load of jewellery.

And a full, three tiered skirt.
This is a custom order doll - who is going to be featured
at a 21st birthday party!

Once I had the brief and gathered up everything I needed to include -
this came together quite quickly. I couldn't stop thinking about it, till I had it done.  She'll hopefully be a big surprise for the birthday girl!

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Kate said...

She is stunning Jennie!!
Your dolls keep getting better and better.

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

LOVE her! Wow is she all dressed up glam or what! Fab just fab! xxxx

Kylie said...

She is amazing! So much work, and yes my guess was so wrong - not a 1920s girl at all is she!? :) I'm sure she'll go down a treat Jennie. Kx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! love the winged eyeliner

MissMollyCoddle said...

She's fantastic! Bound to be a big hit, well done :)

teddybearswednesday said...

OMG!! I totally LOVE her. I didn't think I would love a voodoo doll, but I dooo , she's one of my faves xo

Lisa said...

your dolls are amazing i think i might need one for my miss soon to be 6.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

when you told me about this order I didn't get it. now seeing her you have interpreted what they asked so well - I love her!!!! I love the eye makeup!

Brianna said...

She's gorgeous! Glad you can never be too old to get a doll for your birthday!

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