Tuesday 15 July 2014

My Creative Space ::

Very busy here preparing for a big market -
I'll give you the details on that next week!
My sewing machine is holding up well
 - as long as I de-fluff nearly every day!!

Lots of free motion sewn flowers of course,
 and I've sorted out how to display the big brooches
 - pegged to the top of some little display stands, with added fresh leaves.
(will just need to make sure the sunflower is taller than the others of course)
As well as the neckpieces and brooches, I'm working on something else
that might be suitable for ladies going to the Spring races this year!xx


nz green buttons said...

I think it's probably a good thing for my pocket that I won't be at your market! LOVE everything! Best of luck and I hope there aren't too many late nights ahead! xx

Zara said...

These are all stunning.
I'm sure they'll prove popular at the markets. x

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