Thursday, 10 October 2013

Made by hand

I've started on a koala softie order this week,
I haven't sewn these faces for such a long time!

I've also sent off some black cats and a Frida Kahlo doll
to Gleaners Inc in Melbourne.

And listed some more of the dolls I've been working on 
for the last few months, they are over in my Etsy store.

Joining up with Christina's 
Made by Hand this week!xx


Katie said...

Love your Frida dolls - too cute!

Christina Lowry said...

Those cats and koalas are adorable! I love the black and white mosaic as well. It reminds me of an old school year book! :)

Jodie said...

WOW - your creations are simply amazing!!!! You sure are one very clever lady... :)

Sally said...

Adoring your koala faces muchly. Too special.

Smarty Arty said...

You are very creative and I really love your work. I love the facial features and their outfits. You have a special gift.

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