Wednesday, 5 December 2012

So sentimental dolls

Here are the dolls I made from this sentimental fabric.

(theres the gloves as sleeves!)

And half a doily as another sleeve.

The largest brooch is now a hat.

So nerve wracking doing this sometimes.
But great to know that these girls are going to be given
as special Christmas presents to family members.x


Ashley cramp said...

Your dolls are so beautiful they are beyond words....
D x

Melissa G said...

Belle! Belle!

Claire said...

Love those sassy, green, velvet boots.......they're all gorgeous.
Beautiful gifts for special people.

CLaire :}

Steph @ this brown wren said...

Oh Jennie you've outdone yourself with these lovely ladies. So beautiful!! Wishing you a lovely rest of your week :) x

CHD said...

They are amazing. Gorgeous. I love the sleeves! Cx

Bron said...

They are beautiful and very special. x

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