Thursday, 11 October 2012

My Creative Space

Green eyed redhead.

Possible custom order.
(the chosen one is on the left)

The shelf above my sewing machine.
A growing list of what I have to do - which has been added to, since taking this pic!

A custom, thread drawn 'moustached lady' brooch
 for the fabulous friend of a fabulous lady.

Something else that's going on.

Girls hanging around, ready to be posted.

And Minty the Koala who is waiting to be bid on 
to raise funds to send brave Maybelle to The Ellen Show.


Selina said...

You have been sooo busy! No wonder you're not getting any sleep! xx

Lola Nova said...

Oh my goodness, what a bunch of wonderful! Love!

Also, I have been meaning to tell you how much I love your header, it is gorgeous. And I always get a little thrill out of seeing "The" cushion!
It is at this very moment adorning my wildly colorful couch!


Unknown said...

I adore the green eyed redhead, just beautiful. Your work is stunning x

Dee said...

I do love Minty the Koala x

Paravent said...

They are all amazing and fabulous and gorgeous Jennie! Particularly loving the moustached lady brooch and those bear ears :)... are they bear ears? Love visiting here. Kx

Paravent said...

p.s. .... errr, don't mean to lower the tone, but just what IS that between Minty's legs??

Miriam said...

I am always so impressed by your creations Jennie - you are super clever. That brooch has inspired me to do some more machine embroidery x

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