Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Creative Space

'tis the Easter holidays at the moment, so its a matter of squeezing some
 creative space into the daily activities somewhere!

This popcorn stitch crochet has been on the go for some time,
using a smaller hook and finer yarn - it takes ages!
There's the possibility of it becoming a doll dress, 
but its very time consuming so we'll see.

Our little back yard is full of another painting project at the moment.

Some daisy knobs to go with it too!

This is the granny blanket I've been working on while waiting
 for the girls to get out of school in the afternoons.
It is King sized and is starting to get a bit huge to lug around!

Some buttons waiting to be covered.
I've got to decide what fabric to cover them with.
They're for a pink/blue wool rug cushion order.

And some award winning marble run building -
almost as tall as the 5 year old!

Have a lovely Easter everyone!xx


Selina said...

I LOVE that photo of the buttons Jennie! Seeing your gorgeous reflection in them, very nice! xx

Kylie said...

These all look gorgeous but I am in love with that bobble! So gorgeous. I think it looks all the more amazing because of the finer yarn and small hook :)
Great work Jennie. Kx

teddybearswednesday said...

that popcorn stitch is really amazing! x

Michelle said...

That beautiful blue crochet is awesome, we are doing some painting and renovating today, love the smell of a brand new, freshly painted and spring cleaned room, it is the best!

Jo's Place said...

Lovely crochet and that marble run is just awesome :)

Maryandlil said...

I love popcorn stitch don't you?! It looks beautiful!

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