Wednesday 3 August 2011

Bits and pieces in My Creative Space

We've been scraping the paint off the walls,
for a fresh new look around here! Bit of a shock to the system.
Maybe it'll make things seem a bit clearer. (tho I do miss the blue paint!)
((the blog, not our house!))

I've been starting, stuffing around with and finishing a few things this week...

A last minute birthday pressie (soon to be zipper pouch)
for the best school teacher.

An e-reader cover made from a vintage linen napkin for the eldest.
(went for the easy velcro closure)

A thank you pressie for some gifted fabric.

And this is what I started last week,
 my first attempt at a crochet chevron blanket.
I'm managing the main bit alright, but the sides of the blanket might be not quite as neat! I am making sure I sew the ends in every few rows, as to do the whole lot at the end would not be enjoyable!

It has inspired the big girl to start her own blanket.
She's even been crocheting during maths class this week apparently!
(only because the fill in teacher ran out of extra work for her -
I don't think they would usually allow that!)xx

Add your own creative space over here.


Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

wow, busy busy! Love the crochet blankie wish i could pick up the hook again but really really need to sew :) Can't wait to see all your projects finished! xx

Anna Bartlett said...

Love that thank you card! And good on you for the blanket. Great colours too. I think I'll put that on my list for next year. Happy scraping!

Brianna said...

Your blanket looks gorgeous! Love the colours and can't wait to see what you ate making with the gifted fabric.

Jill said...

My you have been busy! and your daughter too in her maths cless! That's so funny!

I was also wondering if I could do and 'interview' with you for my Wednesday feature post? I feature and Australasian crafter each week in a Worldwide creative hop. It would give you and your shop a bit of international exposure! If you're interested then please let me know - I'd love to feature you!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Michelle Walker said...

So cute!!
I was wondering if you do custom look alike dolls. I was thinking i might like to get a "Mum and Daughter" pair for me and my little girl.

Leah said...

Very busy indeed, love the colours of your blanket, it reminds me of the one i=I never finished still sitting in my to do pile! must pull it out.

Kylie said...

I love your chevron Jennie! I've been thinking about crocheting one of them too - such great colours. Love the crocheting in maths class :)) Kx

teddybearswednesday said...

Loving your chevron Jennie! the colours are just yummy.
I also love the new look blog, but it is a bit of a shock too xo

74 Lime Lane said...

love the colours in your blanket, and crocheting in maths class! how wonderful is that.

mel @ loved handmade said...

So many beautiful things to see here, I love them all! And I love that your girl is keen to start her own blanket, she has started early, and in class! I love that, how wonderful! My eldest & youngest keep asking me to show them how to crochet, I really need to sit & make the time, I'd love to see them do it..x

Vic said...

That blanket is lookin' fab; I always admire those types the most as I KNOW I would never be able to do it. The ereader cover is great too - if I remembered to use ours it might need one! ;)

Pearlin J said...

Lovely choice of colours for the blanket.How cool to be able to crochet in math class :)

Cathie said...

loving the new look! you are very busy and as always everything looks amazing.
now I have absolutely no idea what a chevron blanket is...but it looks great.
big hugs..and thanks for the perfect gift ♥

Catherine said...

Your new space is looking lovely! (though it did take me a while to work out you were talking blog, not house!)

I've been planning to make a glasses case from a (little) napkin - thanks for the reminder! In fact, I'm feeling inspired and impressed by all your creating!
(PS love the hug gallery!)xo

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