Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Creative Space

In My Creative Space this week -
I've finished the rug I started on Easter Weekend. It is the warmest rug I know...

... so have started another whilst waiting at the town hall this week, for my two to do their bit in the Eisteddfod (they both have lines to say and the eldest is also reciting a 3 minute poem by memory)! I had no idea how serious it was - with judges sat up high above everyone else.

And I've finished my recycle project for the local council comp.
I had made a saucer to go with the tea cup, but the cup just got lost on it. Maybe its that lovely grey of the plastic bags!

Dress/boots  - vintage tablecloth
Hair - old wool rug
Face - tea dyed repurposed calico
Tea cup - crocheted plastic bags
Rug - old sheets ripped up and crocheted with 10mm hook
Bracelet - crocheted with 1.5mm hook and stitched with recycle sign
Cape - 1970's necktie

For more creative spaces - pop over here!

PS. Thank you to the lovely Jessi for the beautiful birthday pressie! Thanks for referring to me as your 'twin' Jessi (we share the same birthday!) even tho I am 8 years older than you!! XXX


Small Catalogue said...

Inspiration aplenty! Love your eye for colour and creation.

Actually Amy said...

Just gorgeous! Both the rug and the doll. I can't beleive the whole doll and accessories are made from recycled materail. How fab are you!

Chantal said...

Oh - that's such a fantastic job of upcycling! Your local council should be over the moon with this! We have a local council project for recycling too, I had been collecting things for it - but now looking at yours I really think what I had in mind was a bit pathetic!

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh My goodness Jennie, I love them all.
THe rug, doll, and the other rug.
You're amazing xo

Lisa said...

very inspiring to recycle! LOVE LOVE your doll,love teh rugs too.

Kate said...

Eeeeeeeeeep I LOVE the whole picture!
And it's all recycled.
You are so ace and talented and fab Miss Jennie. x

Vic said...

Do you get sick of me coming over here & saying how awesome you are & how great your stuff is? Do you?

You can be honest.

I'm sorry.

I can't help it. You're awesome & this is GREAT! ;)

rockmelon said...

i n s p i r a t i o n a l! lovr it to bits, you are very talanted.

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Oh dolly looks fab and the t-cup is classic! Hope the girls did well, shall keep my fingers x-ed! Big hugs xxxx

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