Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Kustom Koala's!

Finished at last! Here are the lovely ladies - with their little hats and wraps on!
(They are for sisters who have birthdays very soon)

They also have scarves to wear if the mood suits.

Patchwork names.

And some fluffy age badges for the birthday girls to wear.

I managed to find a model with a koala nose,
to show you the fluffy 'ears on headband' to be sent off to the birthday girls too!
(I also made some little 'koala tails' for them to wear as well)

I hope the girls turning 1 and 3 have a great party.
They are going to look so cute dressed in their ears and tails,
with the furry badges on! I wonder what other animals will be turning up to their party?!x


Glennie said...

Very cute!

Unknown said...

They are super duper cute!
I finally made my niece's quilt too. Pop over and see how it turned out :)

Miss11 said...

Love the ears and the bages!! Little G looks soo cute with the nose!!

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