Tuesday 14 May 2024

Sewn artworks


Some new sewn artworks, including new Matisse sewn paintings!

Available overe {here}!

Fungi sculptures


A few new fungi sculptures, including a custom made one in a tea cup -

 holding a smaller fungi in a thimble!

shop {here}

Stitched fungi scenes


So I've gone from the sewn fungi brooches to these fully sewn scenes!

I love adding the shading or dirt part and sewing the beads on by hand.

There are a few available in my new shop over {here}!

Sunday 7 January 2024

Custom stitched artwork of a childs drawing


This is a custom sewn artwork of a painting by a clients daughter.

Such a great idea for a Christmas present!

Frida decorations


Frida Kahlo Christmas decorations,

sewn free hand on a basic sewing machine.

Fabulous fungi

 Hand made fungi sculptures from the end of 2023!

All new makes will be in the new shop ::


Custom cassettes


A few of the custom order cassette tapes from the end of 2023!
If you are after a custom cassette, just message me at 
jennie . alittlevintage @ gmail . com

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