Saturday, 28 July 2012

Op Shop Finds

A few recent finds...
check out the eyebrow!

Loving the hair and collar!

And some handle/spout love here.

Some little pots with different colour innards.

Vintage glass christmas decorations.

And my fave this week - 
this cream vase that is much heavier than it looks!

Let me know if you'd like some of this fabric,
as I have a very long piece of it!!x


yardage girl said...

Neil! What a stud-muffin!!
Love your chrissy deco's ~ lucky find!

I Love To Op Shop said...

I'm a sucker for the traditional Crimbo decorations, love them!

Deb Robertson Writes said...

Cool finds, I love the vase

Paravent said...

Haha! That record cover is hilarious! All great finds Jennie :) Kx

p.s. loving that background fabric too :)

Unknown said...

great finds - how could you not pick up that sexy neil diamond vinyl....... Love the vase

Helen and her Daughters said...

Love me some Neil Diamond! The white vase is gorgeous!

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