Monday, 6 August 2012

The First Doll (I made)!

Things have slowed down here a bit at the moment.
I've been trying to get the little one's temperature down (again).
So I thought I would share with you the first doll that I ever made.
This is a few months after I first got my sewing machine.

She was done from a rough, sketched out drawing
and the proportions/shape are not quite right(especially the head!)
 I think it took about a year and a half after this,
to design a pattern and paint a face that I was actually happy with.
(though the local art gallery were selling them during that time,which was great)

Once I had decided on my style of nose, it all fell into place!
And hopefully I'm a better hairdresser these days...


mel @ loved handmade said...

She's really very sweet, it's exciting to see your early work. I hope your little girl is on the mend..x

cristina said...


teddybearswednesday said...

OH Jennie ( by the way a quick hello!) i'm so sorry to here the little one is sick again.
I love your sweet doll, and love seeing early work and you know i've always wondered xo

Selina said...

she is just lovely! wow, they are sooo different these days aren't they?!

Leonie said...

Oh she is so sweet Jennie!!!
She reminds me of a doll I had as a child that my Mum made... the shape of her head and her face...although mine was embroidered with wool hair I think.

Jessi said...

oh i adore her! thank you for sharing. hope your household gets rid of the germs ASAP! x

Paravent said...

Oh I love her! She is adorable! Great fabrics too :) Kx

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