Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Recently ::

.. i've been finishing off a few people that have been waiting around for me,

.. making last minute headdresses for 'organized' children who have speeches the next day,

.. but also, getting together with like-minded creatives :

I went to Clare Bowditch's 
Big Hearted Business morning tea on the weekend!

and I'm so glad I did. 

A couple of the main things talked about were ::
* making tiny consistent actions (small risks)
* how will your business make a contribution to the world
* accountability to someone

.. but along with the information given,
there was also - just as importantly,
the get together of other creative people.

Inspiring each other to go for it,
take the next step - what ever that may be.

To know you have support and someone else to turn to 
if you feel unsure or need advice.

Priceless! xx

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