Wednesday 7 August 2013

Group shot ::

So after the retro event that I had been making for, was cancelled -
I have been reassessing where I'm at. 
The positive thing to come out of this cancellation is that I now have some stock!
I've never had this many dolls available at one time - and it feels good.
I'm gradually putting some of them in my Etsy store,
but also saving some for (hopefully) another event later this year.

While I had the table out, and had been sorting out my display -
I took some photos for an application. It is so good to see the dolls altogether.
It really has brought home to me how much work I've put into them
 - how much care, love and time.xx

ps. pop over to Kate's to see a little movie she's made
 to celebrate the launch of her book Vantastic.
{you might even spot a Miss Kate dolly!}xx


mel @ loved handmade said...

I did spot the miss Kate dolly! Everyone looks great there all together, what a shame about the cancellation. They're all just amazing x

gretbert said...

They look amazing all together, so much work!

Sarah said...

back to the auckland fair? :) thats a shame it was cancelled after all your commitment to getting these gals made. They look so great all there together. sittin pretty :)

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

They look amazing all together. I am still collecting clothes the girls grow out of for you to make them a doll, one day. Cat xox

Bec said...

They look wonderful all together. A happy family xx

teddybearswednesday said...

OH Jennie they are truly amazing. Im so sorry to hear the show was cancelled, but yes it's also a wonderful bright side xo

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