Saturday 14 July 2012

Bedside Makeover

I've been looking for a half decent beside something, for the big girl for ages. 
Having not found anything yet, I've made over this thing instead!

With Mod Podge and a load of my fabric scraps, 
its looking a little bit more exciting than it was previously.

It was not suitable for painting,  so this was an easy and quick way to give it a makeover!

The fabric is almost like a frame to whats going on inside the spaces.

It is sealed with the Mod Podge and then again with a 
'permanent clear gloss finish' spray too.

Thanks so much for such a positive response to Hilda on my last post, 
I will have to show you a photo of how I set that up!X


Leonie said...

oh that looks great Jennie!
I love all the pretty little fabric scraps, a great way to use them up but still see all your favourites!!

CurlyPops said...

That's a brilliant idea!

Wombat's Picnic said...

Omg can't imagine how much modge podge that took but looks awesome! Cyndy

Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

Ahhh! Gorgeous use of scraps and what a wonderful litle side table for your girls!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Beautiful fabrics

mel @ loved handmade said...

It's fantastic!! I've an old laminate bench thingy that could use a makeover like this, love it!

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