Saturday, 26 May 2012

Wrapping Up

The weather has turned a bit nippy the last few days.

Its been really nice to be able to put a cardy on.

Also making a few wool rug koalas, who always keep nice and warm!

I have a bit of my Miffy fabric still, 
very sparingly using it for some zipper purses.

And found some Jan Pienkowski weather fabric to do the same.
(creator of Meg and Mog characters)

And a small amount of my fave vintage fabric left.

To make a koala purse.
Hope you are warm where ever you are today.xx


Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Oh Jennie. I want them all. The koalas, miffy pouches, Jan Pienkowski. And the koala, stunning. If you have anything left over from the market, let me know. (I hope you dont, cos you sell out, but I also hope you I can buy some!) Love love love!

CHD said...

I always love the things you make. Those koalas are especially cute. Cx

Lesley said...

Divine animals and Koala bear purse, keep up the beautiful imaginitive designs, they are so inspiring.

Kylie said...

So many fabulous makings here Jennie! You are really on such a creative blitz! Love it all :) Kx
p.s. thinking of you at this moment at the markets - hope it's all going well!

teddybearswednesday said...

oh that purse is divine!!! love the little spirit of that guy! xo

Lola Nova said...

I love the cozy koalas! That purse is fantastic, makes me smile.

I am so impressed when I see all the Aussie wool rug makes, those colors and plaids are amazing! Don't think they made them quite so cheerful in the states.

Peli said...

the koalas...especially the one with the tiny jacket-scarf on....i love it!!!!

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