Sunday, 13 November 2011

You gotta try this!

I didn't get the chance to post this during Blogtoberfest!
I've been cooking Nigella's special ham recipe for a few years now.
It is sooo nice - that we don't cook ham any other way now. 
My grandfather used to LOVE this along with homemade potato salad!

It is Nigella Lawson's Ham in Coca Cola.
The original recipe is here, but over time I have kept it a bit more basic...

You need:
 a big mild cure ham
a big bottle of cheap coke
a handful of cloves
some treacle (or some other thick sweet syrup)
brown sugar

*put your ham in a big pot - if it doesn't fit,
 you can chop a corner off so that is does.
*pour over enough coke to cover and boil gently for about an hour
(the coke seems to take away a bit of the saltiness that big hams have 
- making it just right!)
*turn your oven on to 200c and cover a baking pan with lots of tinfoil!
*remove ham from the pot of coke and drain
*place the ham in the covered baking pan
*cut the main bit of fat off the ham, so that there is a fine layer left
*score lines one way then another with a sharp knife to make diamonds
*then push a clove into each diamond
*pour over enough treacle to cover,
 then sprinkle over a generous amount of brown sugar
*place in oven, basting often - till it reaches a nice golden brown

This may look and sound very sickly sweet - but it just gives an intense flavour on the outside of the ham. Cut nice and thin - it is amazing, especially on sandwiches for days afterwards!
(ps. don't forget to remove the cloves before slicing!)xx


Anonymous said...

YUMMO!! we just killed a pig and made ham (which is a little too salty) so i am going to give this a try. thanks so much for sharing!


Kylie said...

YUM!! I was just talking to my sister yesterday about how we are going to do the ham for christmas... excellent timing Jennie. This sounds wonderful - thank you :) Kx

Selina said...

I am soooo drooling right now! This sounds delish!

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