Saturday 8 October 2011


...we ventured out and found this brilliant 
tape measure ribbon in a stationary shop.
It was such a good deal, I wish we'd got some more now of course!

But we also managed to get to a market. 
It was very quiet and not many stall holders -
 I think because we've had alot of thunder and lightening today.
I bought these wonderful oven gloves from Liddle Apples
 (tagged with Embelish).
They are made from a lovely vintage linen tea towel.
Yay - I don't have to try and make them myself - and I love the fabric!

Little Miss Crochet managed to score some chopsticks,
and proceeded to knit with them on the way home.
(yes, she has started carrying wool around in her handbag now - 
don't know where she gets that from).


CurlyPops said...

Love that tape measure ribbon - how sweet!
Oh and isn't it nice to just buy something handmade rather than having to make it all the time?

Leonie said...

Oh LOVE that tape measure ribbon!!! and love the chopstick knitting :)

Kylie said...

Ha! That is so gorgeous! Knitting with chopsticks - I love it :) and the tape measure ribbon is fantastic too. Kx

jodie said...

love the tape measure ribbon! i bet that was expensive?!...all nice things usually are

mel @ loved handmade said...

That is fantastic, she's one clever girl! Loving that tape measure ribbon, and all those finds above are great, especially the red tablecloth!!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

That tape measure ribbon is FAB!
Love Little Miss Crochet, too cute. Great use of chop sticks!

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