Friday, 27 May 2011

Sara Moon

You might have heard of Sara Moon?
The name appeared in the mid 70's on dreamy paintings of bright eyed girls, and became very well known. Sara Moon was actually the signature of Persian born artist Bijan. He was commissioned by a publishing company in 1975 to create commercial artworks of the female form in watercolour and oil paint.

For Bijan, it was all about the eyes - if they weren't right, then he didn't carry on to finish the painting. He retired in the early nineties, but continues to teach art classes (to some lucky people) in Germany.

Anyway, this morning at the Op Shop i was so delighted to find this framed print of an early Sara Moon painting from 1976. She is named Moshgan. I'm not quite sure where she's going yet, as her frame is very big and heavy. I do love her! (i think she must be an early birthday present!)

(For all things Sara Moon, you can go here)


Kim W. said...

today is ur birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRtHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

mel @ loved handmade said...

Oh that is stunning, what a fabulous find! LOVING your work on that cushion too, just gorgeous. Oh and I wish you a wonderful wonderful birthday, ENJOY!

mel @ loved handmade said...

..I just realised it was gifted TOO you..lucky, lucky lady!

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