Sunday, 7 November 2010

11 Years

(home made anniversary card)

It was our 11th Anniversary last weekend, (so this post is a bit late). We aren't married, but we have always recognised the date we met instead. This guy has been so unbelievably supportive of anything I do. I know we all need someone to be there, stand up for us, be a sounding board... but sometimes things can get really crazy in life and that really does bring out the best in people.


That is whats happened with us this year. I think to a certain extent, I have been hiding behind the dolls on here. With everything else going on, concentrating on them has helped me get through a very tough year. We have had some terrible problems with my parents. My mother has had a life time of anger build up and it has landed on me. With a devastating effect on our family. Unfortunately they don't seem to realize what it has done to the children. Its put them in a situation which they shouldn't be in - which isn't fair.

(one of those silly photo booth shots)

We've also had the hiccup of redundancy. Its been delayed a couple of times, but it will be happening soon. With these things has come a huge 'shift'. One of those life changing things where you suddenly look at everything differently. It has bought us so much closer together - to be more supportive and understanding -  really appreciating what we are to one another.

(that nose has been broken 6 times!)

So thanks to the unwavering support of this guy, we are getting there. We're hoping to find work in another country, where there are more opportunities for him in his career. We're staying positive and knowing that things will turn out alright - at some point!xx


Kate said...

Happy anniversary to your and your Mr Jennie. I hope all the crappy dramas finish for you really, really soon and you can enjoy some fun and romantic times together.

Jo's Place said...

Congrats on 11 years and hugs on the rough times.

My partner and I also celebrated 11 years in October. We aren't married either but celebrate the day we made our relationship official ;). This year we were both so busy we both missed it LOL. I've also had a rough year with losing my Dad at the beginning of the year, so let's hope that for both of us 2011 brings lots of good times :)

Makeminemidcentury said...

Happy Anniversary.

Life isn't easy at times, is it? It's better when we have someone to share the stressful times as well as the memorable ones.

Everything passes ... and it all works out for the best ... you'll see!

mel @ loved handmade said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, sounds like a really tough year for you guys. You're so right though, what doesn't break you makes you stronger (I know this from experience! urgh, long horrid story), I love that you are staying positive, I'm a great believer in fate, trust your gut & follow your heart...x love to you & your family!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Gorgeous!! Have another 11 wonderful years. Love Posie

Chantal said...

congratulations on 11 years. I hope the next are a lot less trying than this one for you both.

teddybearswednesday said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely Bloke. I'm so sorry to hear of the hard times you've been going through
We are going through a similar situation with my grandmother I think as you are with your mum, so I think I do understand.
I hope soon all this difficult stuff is over and you guys have time to just enjoy and kanoodle xo

Cathie said...

happy anniversary guys!!
we celebrate our 1st date aswell because we aren't married.
you have gone through alot this past year since we've been online chatting & I hope that things do get better.
maybe an O/S seachange is needed to forget the bad stuff.
hugs to you Jennie & so glad you have a wonderful partner to lean on.


Angela@the crazyness that is me said...

What a lovely post. I LOVE your dolls! So precious. I hope things start to smooth out for you all that that work comes quickly which ever country you decide on. :)

DebsArt said...

Happy anniversary,
I have been in this place before that you are describing, things have a funny way of working out in a way you least expect. Try not to stress about things you have no control over and focus on the growth of the positive and be open to new beginnings.
Love Deb

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Happy anniversary!
I hope all starts to look up for you soon, and your man gets an amazing job.

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