Saturday, 9 October 2010

Creative School Hols

Its the end of the 2 week school hols in NZ.
So here are a few pics of some creativity thats been going on around here.

Stoney faces.


Probably the best toy we have invested in. Endless ideas seem to spring from play with this. Great to take in the car, when waiting to pick up older siblings from school!

A self portrait.

Eventually changed the buttons on this op shopped Country Road cardy. And made her a messenger  bag like mummy's. Its covered in vintage buttons and is purple of course! (very basic, as I am no bag maker)

A trip to the emporium, where there were endless items to fascinate and spend pocket money on!

And a few photos taken, to be put on the wall of a craft room/studio (when I get one - one day!)

Some baking with another member of our family,
 Mr Peppermint Kitchen Aid.

White chocolate chip cookies.

And three items made by the big Miss, that are in the exhibition at our local art gallery.
A box with hidden compartments.

A cuckoo clock with working time piece.

And a paper mache kiwi. (love)

 So proud of you!

Hmmmm, these two seem to have grown up a bit since I last took photos of them. Their 5 year age gap seems to be getting smaller as time goes by. Scary.

They thought it was extremely funny when we told them the other day that they talk to each other in their sleep! They are in different rooms. But the other night, the little one yelled out 'its my turn!!' then the other one immediately yelled back 'I'm playing cards with Daddy!!' It was midnight, and they were both fast asleep. This is exactly what they had been doing just before bed!


CurlyPops said...

Gee you girls have been super busy and creative. Loving the look of that emporium!

teddybearswednesday said...

OH My god I'm loving what you're girls have created and what a wonderful mum for encouraging them and putting the time into them expressing themselves.
Love those stony faces and the kiwi especially.

Seaside Siblings said...

Looks like they have been having a great time these holidays. Love the stoney faces- too cute.

Chantal said...

Great work by your daughter for the gallery exhibition. Love the clock!

Kylie said...

Sooooooooooo gorgeous!! These photos are divine! My girls are the same and I just love it :)) Great pics. Happy (what's left of) weekend and school hols! :)) Kx

Kate said...

I just adore the top photo.
It sounds like you girls have had a great holiday doing all the funest stuff.

Kim W. said...

haha i love the look on her face in the first photo!!! awesome!! looks like an amazing school holidays to me!! im jealous! :)

Sarah Gauntlett said...

Where is that imporium? I must go there!!!

aimee @ lily pad designs nz said...

The first photo made me smile so much - and then even more when I saw her smiling face below. And what a great local emporium you have - I'm jealous! Hope all is well xo

Cathie said...

now that's alot of creating there, wonderful to see!
i had to giggle at the talking in their sleep...sooo cute! glad you posted that on your blog to remind them in many years when they read it.

Seedling said...

That's a lot of creativity! I love the rock faces.... ~ Jen x

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Looks like lots of fun was had by all! Wish we could have popped over for a porject or two ;) xxx

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