Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Brightening my day..

... is this!

I have eventually opened an etsy store!
I uploaded a couple of dolls yesterday and have already had a request about a custom order. If I had realized how easy it all was, I would have done it sooner. So if you have been thinking about it, just go for it!

Here are the girls that are on etsy at the mo, you've probably seen them on here, whilst I was making them.

(meaning unconditional love)



Great new....all the best and hope you make lots of sales!! Love the doll on the first pic.

Anonymous said...

hi there. i saw your comment over at m.e. and knew you had to be a kiwi to want feijoa flavour, so here i am saying hello. i am no kiwi... just totally in love with aotearoa though, after spending a long time (6 years) there. lovely dolls you have here.

Ali said...

An etsy store full of your creations might prove too much temptation for me..! I must stay away until pay-day..must..resist!
Congratulations :)

Beck said...

I'm sure your shop will do well, your work is so original and captivating. Love that last doll, we all need some unconditional love don't we? Great space today Jennie xo

Makeminemidcentury said...

Good grief! That's fabulous ... how exciting! I'm thrilled for you. I hope you sell pram loads.

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