Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Miss Candice goes to art class!

Our overseas visitor Miss Candice came with us today
to pick up Miss E from her Young At Art class.

They had all tidied up by the time we got there. But Miss Candice enjoyed looking at all the work Miss E had done in her Russion Doll class. (appropriately Miss Candice was made by a childrens art teacher!)

Here is the artist herself and her sister looking very coordinated today!

I wonder how our travelling dolly is settling in her new home?!


Seaside Siblings said...

What a sweet idea, she is on her big O.E.!

I think your wee girl must be taking after her Mama- very artistic!

Anonymous said...

So CUTE! (And Miss Candice is lovely too!) ;-)

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

she looks like she's haveing a blast!

I think i'll have to update you on our Foreign exchange student soon! She’s having a ball poolside! ;)

Love your daughter's artwork, she takes after her mummy!

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