Saturday 19 December 2009

we LOVE HANDMADE dinosaurs!

Had a quiet but good day at Love Handmade craft market today.

I was next to the lovely Jo of Naturally 4 U and also Marianne of
yummy Gretels Gingerbread.

I also caught up with Kylie of Skip Apple and Jess of
Bam Bam Creative - who had a
brilliant custom made dinosaur for me!

Our Miss G (3) loves dinosaurs and the colour purple.
Its up above her bed already.
We couldn't wait till christmas for this one!

Christmas Tree Decorations...

This is a decoration made yesterday by our Miss E (8). Love it.

This is one of 2 'Pudding Bunny' decorations purchased
from the creative Bam Bam Creative today.

And finally our homemade peg dolls!


Bam Bam Creative said...

the dinosaur looks amazing! I love seeing where people put them =) looks like you came away with quite a score of goodies, the peg dolls you made are lovely, next year I vow to be more organised...

Jennie said...

She was so excited to get the dinosaur! We probably should have put it above the head of her bed. But i wanted to be able to see it from the doorway! (and so she can see it from bed too). Thank you again!

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