Monday 21 December 2009

A brilliant xmas display & dolls with wings!

We went to a great christmas display on sunday.
It was mainly mechanical santas, some on skate boards,
or ski's, trying to trip you up as you walked around!
It was just fascinating for the children.
The framed tree (above) was made from lots of tiny items,
like mobile phones, butterflies, jewels, buttons etc.

Miss G was mesmerised, all these figures were moving.

Yup, thats santa on his slay above their heads!
He was zooming around very fast.

It was actually very dark in here, but you can't tell with
these photos.

And here are the custom made dolls with the fairy wings.

The wings are made from a double layer of felt.
I didn't make them too bulky as they had to fit inside the
unfinished dolls before turning them the right way to stuff.
I didn't want to hand sew them on as they were mainly for
little ones.

They are two sisters and their cousin.

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Unknown said...

love those vintage doilies ...

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