Sunday 12 May 2019


Since moving from Australia back to England over a year ago, its been a bit difficult on Etsy. They did not allow me to carry on using the Etsy Payments system as they couldn't change my bank account information on my Etsy account. So the only way I could sell with them, was with Pay Pal payments. This really reduced the way that people could pay for my makes on their site.

Now, Etsy are changing their rules again - and the only way to take payments (including Pay Pal) is through their Etsy Payments system. Therefore this makes it impossible for me to continue with the shop I have had on Etsy since 2010! (alittlevintagestore)
So my shop will be shutting on May 13.
The following week (after doing a market),
I will open another shop and start all over again!
So if you follow me on Etsy, it would be great if you could follow along in the new shop!
 I will link to it when it is open. Thank you!xx 

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