Wednesday 19 February 2014

my week

Getting back into the swing of things after not being well last week.
The Frida phenomenon continues, with some more thread drawn
faces going off to some shops and also on Etsy

A personalized custom order doll.

She is a 1st birthday present, made from the little girls new born clothes.
Being hand delivered today, by the Mr!

A gorgeous basket for a new plant -
found during a fun Ikea trip with an inspirational lady!

Vintage find :: the most wonderful colourful wall vase..

I've been looking for one for ages,
but all the ones I came across were very boring!

The girls have been calling me outside every 2 seconds 
to show me new Passionfruit flowers - so exciting on our
less than a year old plant! We now have some actual 
Passionfruit to stare at too - love them! (and that colour)

Also this week - Miss Gilda made an appearance
in a photo shoot for the new Dulux Effects paint range.
She fits right in with the pink and polkadots!x

1 comment:

nicole said...

oooh what a week!
that passionfruit, and that vase! swooooon!

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