Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Custom Girls (with sewn lashes)

These are some of the gorgeous baby/toddler clothes sent 
for me to make one of two custom dolls.
 Specific parts were used .

The eyelashes were sewn on with free motion sewing.
So not as accurate as painting them on, 
but a different look that worked with the painted eyes.

I made the skirt before I even started the doll!

And the second lot of clothes were for the older sister...

Sewn eyelashes again.

A little bit of each outfit included.
Something for them to treasure and remember their childhood.
(loved making these)!x


mardijane said...

How cute, I wish I had a little girl to buy these for. It would be a truly unique and special gift!

xx Becoming Urban

Kellie said...

You did an amazing job... I cannot express in words how clever you are and what such a wonderful treasure they will be for my family! xx

Selina said...

They turned out beautifully Jennie! Just so sweet! xx

CHD said...

Love these. Those eyelashes are fantastic. Clever. Cx

CurlyPops said...

I so wish that I had something like that made from my childhood clothes. Those little kiddies are sooo lucky!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

I love your sewn eyelashes, they look fab!
Two more gorgeous dolls Jennie, I love your work!

I have been saving a few of my girls clothes, so I can ask you to make them a doll each. But I feel so odd about their clothes being cut up, I need to get over this.

Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

i love that idea....using their actual clothes!!! I bet the recipients will love them just as much as you loved making them xx

Kylie said...

They look fabulous Jennie - I like the new look :) Kx

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