Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Getting back into it...

I've been dying stuff black.

Printing legs with painted doilies.
(sort of fishnet stockings?)

Cutting flowers.

Handsewing things that I'm not used to.

Been making some fluffy ears too,

cutting the long faux fur inside a plastic bag 
- otherwise it just gets everywhere!

Waiting to get stuffed.
Some are for pressies, some are not!
Lots to do to get back into it after the holidays,
what are you making??x


Leonie said...

Oh they are sooo adorable!
And love the dying you've been doing..especially the black on the white lace - has come out very cool!
I finally created today, a little owl made from thrifted blankets/sheets... and might even get around to blogging one day soon ..hehe!

Cathie said...

those little cuties are adorable!!
I'd certainly love one to keep me warm these last couple of cold nites.
fishnets look great too...ooh so very intriguing!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Oh wow, you have been busy. Loving the koalas, they are way, way too cute! Their faces are adorable, you are so clever!

Glennie said...

Gorgeous! And me? I've just been making bootees ...... x

Sarah said...

These lil cuties look very snuggly and adorable

Anna said...

Those are so adorable! visiting your blog is always such an inspiration :)

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