Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Today ...

there was bunting

there were streamers

there was food

and things

to decorate other things

eggs were laid by green penguins

ladybirds with HUGE spots looked worried

(for good reason)

specially made, overly purple dolls were put aside

for beautiful dresses (made by beautiful friends!)

and gorgeous little Crosby (whose name is slowly changing to Crispy)

has been loved all day. This hug tells it all.
(made by another gorgeous friend!)

Happy Birthday to our big 5 year old. She's had the most wonderful day with all her new friends - making things, playing things and just having fun.(Theres some more photos of her day over at Five Years Between, just let me know if you want to pop over!)xx


Kate said...

Eeeeep!!! I love that photo of little Crosby peeking out of the doily pocket. Looks like the best day...and the best cake...and it looks like the dress fits and looks gorgeous. Yay! I'm so pleased you guys are making such a happy home here. X
ps. I can't seem to follow or get updates on the other blog. No idea what I'm doing wrong.

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Happy Birthday!!! My goodness what a lovely day you're having!!!!

Hugs and kisses from Lotte and I xxxxxxx

Catherine said...

What a lovely day for your big 5 year old! I really like those ladybird eyelashes!and I do like that Crosby gets to spend time in a flowery pocket of a flowery dress - just perfect.

Jessi said...

beautiful jen!

so glad she has new friends already to help celebrate xx

Chantal said...

Gorgeous! Love the ladybird cake, and the doll, and of course the Foxs Lane dress, the bear - it's all so sweet. But particularly lovely is that your little girl has had a beautiful day with new friends after a big move. That's great to hear.

teddybearswednesday said...

OH GOD what a gorouge post!!
Looks like Greta had the most awesome birthday ever, the most superb cake, penguins and frog faces.
thanks for the gorgeous pics, loving Crispy in Kate's dress and the cuddle especially .
SO wonderful she is happy here in her new home xoxo

Glennie said...

Everything loks so colourfula nd gorgeous - you are so clever ... x

anyaadores said...

SOO wonderful - looks like a great day were had by all. My daughter turns 5 in May - soo big. Thanks for a great inspiring post. Lovely blog you have - following you now - would love it if you came and saw me sometime - hopefully you'll like what I do and follow me too;)
A xx

The Truth Hurts said...

Oh Crosby and a foxy dress- a match made in ehaven!

Cathie said...

such wonderful pics Jennie, what a great day & beautiful dressed little girl.
happy belated birthday Greta, hope you have the best year ever in your new home.
hugs to you all ♥

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