Saturday 7 August 2010

Eco Dolls House Afternoon

Its been a dark and wet afternoon around here, so we stayed in and made the Eco Friendly Dolls House from Sarah at Dolls and Daydreams! This is Miss E, who did nearly all the paper cutting herself.

The Mister wasn't working today(!), so did most of the cutting/fitting of the cardboard box.
I felt a bit like Ree, taking the all important photos, and doing little else! The girls were so helpful and excited. We've been talking about this all week!

So its not quite finished yet, and I think we put some of the rooms in different places. But that makes it a one off right?! I think this is such an excellent idea, and the brains behind it have done a wonderful job!
Thanks so much Sarah, the girls love it. And will be adding little touches of their own gradually, which I love too.xx

PS. If you would like to enter Sarah's giveaway for the Doll's House or Barn PDF pattern,
 pop over to Dolls and Daydreams!


Megan said...

love it Jennie, it looks so cute! what a neat way to spend a rainy day :)


I think it is absolutely gorgeous Jenny. What a neat idea....I need to borrow a little girl so i can have a play!!
I never had that in my childhood, dolls etc and so now i am making up for it and learning to play with my inner child, i love the doll i bought from you and also bought another one from Funky Dolls Designs in Oz, she is gorgeous, different to yours and is called Molly.
Sounds like you had an awesome afternoon.xx

Cathie said...

how cool!! what a great house.
will a little vintage handmade doll make an appearance there soon.

Makeminemidcentury said...

Very cute!

Hannah said...

oh it looks great!!! welldone!

Jasmine said...

That dollhouse is a fantastic idea! I'm sure putting it together and actually doing the cutting and construction makes it that much more fun and exciting.

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

So happy you all had fun making my Eco Friendly Doll House! Love the photos …. It looks fab!! Can’t wait to make my new one today …… it’s a School House!!

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