Tuesday 27 July 2010

Miss Candice at Kiwi Kindy!

Our visitor Miss Candice went to kindergarten this week with Miss G. They took along Miss G's own doll as well, for the children to see and talked about what was different about the dolls.

They looked at the flag on Miss Candice's backpack and talked about where she is from and how she might have got to our country. Then Miss G sat down and let someone else hold her doll, who promptly ripped off the necklace. So the up side was - her doll now has a purple necklace, which she much prefers anyway. (of course!)

And a big thank you to the lovely Cathie for this scrumptious banana bread recipe. We used pecans instead of the walnuts in the end! It was nearly over done, as I lost track of time on the phone (oops!).

And congratulations to Mitali of NJ, New York on winning my Small Magazine giveaway! Your doll will be in the post tomorrow!x


angelina said...

dont kids this age love a doll!!!

Jennie said...

Greta's doll looks a bit worried in that first photo!

(so she should!)

Megan said...

ha yes she should, little children are scary!!!
lovely dolls, greta looks very proud to be showing off your dolls :)

Makeminemidcentury said...

Great kindy story! How cute.

You can't trust some kids though ... breaking her necklace! That's just naughty or seriously fumbly. Though I'm sure it was an accident ... still.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad Miss Candice likes her purple necklace!

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