Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Fav Fabric

Is it just me, or is this week flying by way too quick??  hmmmm??!

I took the plunge and cut a piece from my fav vintage fabric to make this girl. She's undecided herself - whether it suits her. Oh well, at least she goes with her background. Ha!

My doc sent me to a hand physiotherapist today. Apparently when I had a fall a few weeks ago, I managed to damage the ligaments where the thumb joins the wrist. (I can still stuff little arms and legs - just hurts to pick things up etc). She did some ultra sound therapy on it, and strapped my hand up with a lovely soft/flexible thing. I've got to let it heal more before doing any exercises - supposed to be resting it. Which is very difficult at the mo!

PS. Don't forget to enter Small Mags giveaway, entries have to be in by the end of the week!

PPS. My apologies for not getting round to visit everyone in the blogasphere this week!xx


Cotton Kiwi said...

Sounds like a positive visit to the physio. Fingers crossed (bad pun I know) that it all heals quickly. I can imagine your hands are getting a big work out this week. Good luck for the Fair this weekend. I am hoping to sneak along for a visit in between family commitments

Anonymous said...

she is gorgeous especially with her pretty blonde hair, hope you are all better very very soon xx

Olivia said...

Take care of yourself! We need you and your dolls healthy!
Your reader,


Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

ooowww i like her dress! She looks lovely! And that flower print in the blue and gold is to die for!!! Oowww i hate cutting into fabric i LOVVVEEEE ....

hope your hand feels better soon ... and you get some sleep ;)

hugs x

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