Thursday 26 September 2013

Thread drawn flower necklace ::

I found an old linen Australiana tea towel in my stash,
 that had already been cut up quite a bit
and thought the colours along with the lovely
texture of the linen would be great for some flowers 
in Frida's hair...

So did a bit of free motion sewing to turn them into small 
flowers and a few leaves too.

I mainly made up the flowers as I went, to make the most use of the tea towel.
There were some smaller flowers that I was able to sew around too.

The leaves were too big for the Frida dolls.

(Here are a few of the flowers pinned on Frida)

And in the end I used up the leaves and some of the smaller 
flowers to make a necklace! Backed with merino wool felt and sewn
on a black ribbon. Now that I see this pic, I can see where I
need to make some changes - a bit more red maybe!xx


mel @ loved handmade said...

This is so beautiful Jennie, and I loved seeing your clever girls craft on IG yesterday x

nz green buttons said...

It's stunning!!! Beautiful work and so great to be using up precious little pieces.

Sabra said...

Oh, that's amazing. I might do a few of these to decorate a gift with. Thanks for the inspiration!

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