Friday 20 September 2013

My Week ::

Some free motion sewing - white thread on black!
#whitewineglass #notreally

 {actually a sort of halloween thing going on here ..}

This double string necklace has been in my head for ages!
Love these colours together.

I hadn't set out to try and collect this set of vintage Pyrex,
just came across them in the op shop over the last couple of weeks!

I had been using a phone case for my iphone,
but now have a custom made granny square case 
made (and fabric designed by) Cam!

I haven't had much luck finding vintage buttons at
 the op shops recently, so bought some on Etsy!

Love vintage buttons - they can be used 
as earrings on the dolls, or even brooches etc.

This is a little bit of free motion sewing that our daughter did as part 
of her science project recently. She was showing the different layers of a cross
section of an eco friendly water filter she designed. She also used some of my 
black tutu netting for another part of the filter!

I hadn't made any maori dolls for a long long time.

So have put this girl in the shop, and will add another one soon too!

And lastly, I have eventually ordered a huge piece of 
merino wool felt for the dolls hair - just black at the moment.
As I'm making quite a lot of the Frida dolls. 
It makes sense, as there will hopefully be less off cuts etc.
Just took me a while to commit to such a large amount!

Hope you are have had a good week,
we have school holidays for the next 2 weeks.
This term has gone so quickly!xxJ


mel @ loved handmade said...

gorgeous everything! The term does go fast doesn't it. Very much looking forward to slow mornings. Love the new iPhone case too, much more practical and attractive than rhe usual..x

Chantal said...

Love seeing the results of your (and your daughters!) free motion sewing Jennie. Given I have trouble sewing straight with a sewing machine I have a lot of respect that you can have the control and skill to draw with it!

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