Monday 23 July 2012

Custom Patchwork Koala's

This is a first for me :: custom made koala's!

I've been working closely with the mum of two gorgeous girl's
who have birthday's soon (1 and 3).

She's sent me some of their fabric, 
left overs from their wall decals.

As well as the koala's, these lovely ladies need some koala ears/tails
and also some age badges to wear at their party!

I'd better get a move on,
they need to be sent of soon!!


Paravent said...

Gorgeous Jennie! They look so snuggly I wish I had one right now ;) Kx

Selina said...

I can't wait to see these all finished, they will be gorgeous! xx

flowerpress said...

Lucky girls!

Dee said...

These are adorable !
Love x

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