Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Feeling good

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a lovely lady who had requested a custom order doll for her daughter before we left New Zealand. She was one of the last ones I had made. Unfortunately the doll has been stolen (when her daughters bag was stolen), and she was inconsoluble. They have just received the new replacement doll so I was very relieved and happy to get this email:

"Dear Jennie!
You are a star!! My daughter is over the moon!! She looks like Annabelle's twin sister!! Thanks so much!! I am so pleased you had some of the fabric left!
A big hug from my daughter..."

(the photo above is the only one I have of the original doll)

I suppose why this is so important to me also, is the fabric that they requested for both the original doll, and of course the new replacement. Its a 1970's pillowcase, that I bought a long time ago. I had negative comments(in real life - not on the blog) at the time like "well - only YOOUU would buy something like THAT Jennie!" and "you don't really think someone is going to want to buy THAT do you?"
Its really stuck with me unfortunately, this is the sort of negativity that I've talked before about stepping away from. It just brings you down, makes you unsure of what you are doing/creating.

 If you are making something that you enjoy, something that just feels right - please don't listen to those who want to bring you down. Its hard - especially if its family members.  Sometimes we don't all have supportive people around us, that is why these blogs are such a good source of support don't you think? 
So I was thrilled to get such positive feedback about this particular doll, but I don't have much of that fabric left now!x


Makeminemidcentury said...

It's always nice to receive positive feedback! That poor little girl. There are some grubs in the world. Who'd steal a child's bag?

And I agree with you about nay-sayers. Go ahead and do what feel's right and ignore them.

Cheers for you and your 70s pillowcase! I love it!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh Jennie that is so incredibly sad that a) the doll was stolen & b) you'd get negative comments about buying amazing vintage fabrics to repurpose into fabulous things. What is wrong with people??!! I hope the lovely letter from the lucky lady to have the replacement doll takes care of all those awful comments along the way, why people just can't click off a blog post they don't agree with is beyond me, they are what is wrong with this world!! Your work is fabulous & you're wonderful. Love Posie

Kim W. said...

i know EXACLTY what u mean!! but u no that already... you have to do what u feel is right and what you love... no matter what anyone says. Its really hard but it will be worth it! :) i miss u not the same here without u. u must send me ur new mailing address so i can send u a pom pom bag clip!! xoxoxox

teddybearswednesday said...

Couldn't agree more Jennie, always go with your gut.
And half the time they end up liking exactly what they were against, like my mum and my tat, and nose stud...xo

Kylie said...

But it 's FANTASTIC fabric! People are so strange... more about their unhappiness with themselves than anything to do with you I think. You are such a good egg making another doll :) Kx

Kim W. said...

you are here my dear: :D

Jessi said...

you are awesome, so are you fabrics and your dolls.

everyone else can shut up!


Jo Ashcroft said...

SO glad to see the dolls are still smiling. THEY know that fabric is wonderful, even if some other (older) people can't see it!
Sounds like OZ is going ok

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Such a great post Jennie. You're right, we have to learn to not listen to everyone's opinions about our creativity. Some people just don't get it. Great that you got such great feedback to counter-balance the negative.

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