Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Love that Angus

Last year we eventually felt settled enough to get a cat from the RSPCA.
The girls couldn't believe it was really happening at last.
We rescued a medium hair black kitten called Angus.
(he's really a Russian spy though, has a great accent!)

So for the latest birthday here, I made the youngest a fluffy black cat!
(face free motion sewn onto merino wool felt onto faux fur)
And she also got a cat birthday cake too, in the end! :-)


nz green buttons said...

SO amazing! It reminds me of something out of the movie "Fantastic Mr Fox" a firm favourite around these parts!

Melissa Gaggiano said...

Love the eyes.

Alexandra said...

Your doll is so cute! Love it. New blogger gal here. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful work. :)

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