Monday, 24 June 2013


It was the big girls birthday on the weekend, so the mixer got
a bit of a work out making birthday cake, sausage rolls, cupcakes etc!

I was so busy sorting out things for her party and making dolls,
so the Mr made some pom poms for me (and the cake)!
He hadn't made them since he was 8 years old.
He used the two circles of cardboard method -
which turned out much better than those plastic
 thingys that I've used before!

I strung them up on to two chop sticks -
as she loves sushi (and crochet, hence the wool)!

So they had a lemon cake with blueberries on top!
(she used to suck on lemon pieces when she was little, and still loves them now).

They had a great party with some friends,
and now its the school holidays!
So this morning they both helped make a winter skirt each.
The one on the left is made from a warm woolen op shopped fabric.
They are both looking a bit tarteny! It sounds like we will be 
making a few more of these (as its the only clothing I am able to make 
at the moment - no pattern reading involved...!)xx


PaisleyJade said...

Stunning cake and I love the thoughtfulness behind the decorations and flavour!

Leonie said...

Happy Birthday Miss E! we hope your gift arrives from us soon!
(for once it was sent ahead of time!)
Your cake looks amazing and I love seeing glimpses of your lovely house.
ps. GREAT skirts!!!

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