Monday, 12 November 2012


Having only very recently acquired an Iphone, 
I have eventually joined Instagram!
With so many of my blog friends on there, it is so good to be
joining in and seeing all the creativity through lots of pics. 
Here are a few of my first pics on there as :: alittlevintage1

one of the rare faces with teeth
(getting more confident with this)

crochet conversion list :: by Miss 11

a clock from etsy, bargain because it didn't work
(it does now!)

 Frida girl

my creative space
(shelf above my sewing machine)

loving the IDT on the Pfaff machine
(sewing zippers is a breeze now)

Miss 11 crocheting a scarf for one of the koala's

and my palette. 

Loving IG.
New I would.x

1 comment:

mel @ loved handmade said...

Your pictures have been great, it really is so much fun isn't it! x

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