Sunday, 16 September 2012


Here's another two dolls to be sent off!

Being so busy at the moment along with not much sleep,
means I think I'll have a little bloggy break...
should be back before the end of the month tho!
So not too long away. XXXJ


Unknown said...

generally not a fan of dolls
but honestly these are great
but even better to my mind
are our super cute koalas
happy stitching x ...


Cathie said...

hope all is ok Miss Jennie.
enjoy some well deserved sleep ♥

Paravent said...

So gorgeous Jennie! You have been working so hard. Have a good break :) Kx

p.s. love seeing the fabric there too :)

Melissa G said...

Love these, especially the black/green plant fabric - gives the doll an exotic look.

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