Tuesday 10 July 2012

Antiqueing instead of Opping...

Whilst the girls were at a (recycling) art class in the city last week, 
I met the Mr at a nearby antique store to have a nosey
(and look for some drawer knobs for some furniture I want to paint).

For someone used to op shopping, it was breathtaking 
to see lots of fabulous finds all in one place!

You pay the price for it though, I couldn't believe how much
things cost!! But can understand it, when someone has searched for these things
and bought them altogether for us.

I think its the first time I've been to an antiques shop where 
there were alot of original retro items.
(and a few that weren't vintage at all of course)

A mustard face painting.

Mid century design furniture.

Love this clock.

Some cool chairs.

And we spent ages looking through these magazine covers.

I found this one a bit dodgy - 
it looks like he's about to brand her!

This lady is pretty cool.
Very symmetrical  hair.

A couple of old, tiny sewing machines.

But this was by far my favourite -
not going to happen at that price tho!!


Lola Nova said...

That sounds so fun. Haven't been to a proper antique store in ages, and what great items! Also nice to have a little time just to nose about together.

Love the painting!

twentysixtimestwo said...

Wow!! look at that fab stuff, love it.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Oh the design furniture is stunning. I love going into Antique shops and drooling over the gorgeous items. We left all our antique furniture in storage in Melbs, I did not want to risk it traveling to HK and then the humidity in HK. I do miss my antique cupboards. One my Grandma gave to me, it was her Engagement Chest, that she filled with items before she was married, can't remember the real name for it - very old fashioned idea and cupboard.
That clock is gorgeous too!

Paravent said...

Wow - looks like a fab place. Which one is it Jennie? I think I need to visit there ;) Kx

Niki said...

Awesome pictures... Love that

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