Wednesday 6 June 2012

My Creative Space

I didn't think I would have much to show for My Creative Space this week.
Was feeling a bit without inspiration for a while there.

But eventually made myself sit down with paint and a little brush.

Trying again to get out of the 'norm'.
Not quite succeeding yet.

I've been saving this vintage fabric for ages to make into a cushion 
for a lovely friends birthday pressie. She loves Paris!

Making a start on sewing in some ends,
even though its way off finished!

And here is a gorgeous needle book from Selina's Vintage for my birthday last week.
Its larger than the other one I have, just what I need!!

She also gave me some gorgeous fabrics and felted wool pieces.
I am loving these patterns and they are so soft - thank you Selina!!x


Suz said...

Your paintings are awesome

Selina said...

No, thank you! My cushion is amazing, even Mr. Vintage likes it! These doll faces are fabulous Jennie, truly. xx

oh and look at me go, I've blogged twice in one week now, yeehaa!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Loving your new girls. The Paris cushion is stunning!
Your new needle books is co cute!
It is wonderful you and Selina have become great friends, I can appreciate that now I have moved and am living far from home.
And Happy Birthday for last week!!

Kylie said...

Firstly, happy belated birthday!! Hope you had a fun time? These are all lovely - your painting is exquisite as usual Jennie and I love the fabrics you have here too. Kx

teddybearswednesday said...

I'm really loving the new faces Jennie, and I agree with Suz , your painting is amazing

CHD said...

I like the cushion, the fabric and the crochet, but love the way you paint your faces. Beautiful. I wish I could paint. Cx

Lea said...

oooh so much lovliness in one post.

Debra said...

Your little faces really come to life. I love the little ones mouth too. Exquisite!

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