Sunday 12 February 2012

Op Shop Finds

Here's a few op shop finds from the last few weeks!
The little swan for holding paint brushes and pens
and a lidded ceramic pot for vintage jewellery.
Both sitting on the top shelf of the sewing table.

And some doilies that might end up in something for this exhibition.

On monday I went opping with the lovely Leonie and Selina - so exciting!
And spotted this set of Wedgwood Royal Tuscan fine bone china through the window.
As well as the colours, I love the style of the bowls - shallow and wide.
The girls are loving drinking out of the cups - trying to put their pinky fingers out!

Also some embroidered pillowcases, old neckties, a sheet and tablecloth.

10 metres of calico fabric.
And some cool records - including "I Love Paris" 
(hmmm I know someone who loves Paris!)

While we were op shopping we came across two dressers almost identical to this one.
Both were well out of my price range. But thats okay,
 because we found this one last weekend on ebay!
It was in a right state, and needed an amazing amount of cleaning.
I didn't think we'd be able to save the handles, but the Mr scraped them and got 
them looking almost new. And the price for this lovely? ... $15.50!
Sooooo thrilled with it!
 (i'll have to stop buying dressers now, running out of places to put them!)x


Kylie said...

Great and lovely stuff. How cheap was that dressing table? What a bargain! It's mirror is wonderful. So glad you managed to save its original handles too.

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Jennie what amazing finds! Love them all, those cups and saucers are just gorgeous and I can't get over that dresser! oxo

Selina said...

Wow, it is gorgeous! Great job cleaning it up!xx

Zara said...

Love the doilies with the water lilies. And wow the mirror of the dressing table is fantastic.

twentysixtimestwo said...

Wow, absolutely in love with the dresser.. and the tea set just gorgeous.. Love the op shopping, a true professional. Miss

Anonymous said...

Awesome haul of goodies. The Wedgewood set is amazing, my heart would have been a flutter seeing that. Oh and the dresser reminds me of one my nana has.

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

OH MY GOODNESS- best loot ever. No i don't think thats too big a call at all. The crockery, the linen, THE DRESSER.

take me with you next time!

xo em

Lea said...

Great bunch of stuff. LOVE the dresser. What a steal!

kit and nancy. said...

that wedgewood set is INCREDIBLE!!! gorgeous pattern. that dresser is beyond amazing, that mirror!!! x

punkychewster said...

Hi Jennie, your blog is such an interesting read!

I love your op shop finds! i'm a big fan of thrifting and i think you've picked out fantastic finds! I'm also always looking for fabric at thrift stores!

The Joyful Thrifter said...

Very Lovely Finds. The dishes have such a lovely pattern!

The Joyful Thrifter

BeckyKay said...

THAT is a beautiful dresser! I'm glad you took the time to clean it up and give it a new lease on life!

Trina M Curran said...

Oh, I love the wedgewood! It's so pretty! I haven't seen a pattern like that before. I have the green Corelle Crazy Daisies that I found a few weeks them too. :)

I Love To Op Shop said...

Just beautiful :-)

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